Have you been putting off gum disease treatment? Many worry that gum surgery will be painful and require a lot of downtime, but with laser gum surgery, Dr. Christopher Long can restore the health of your mouth with less discomfort and faster healing times than traditional surgery. Dr. Long uses WaterLase® iPlus to remove bacteria and infected tissue. The benefits of laser gum surgery include:

  • Decreased inflammation and bleeding
  • Little to no risk of gum recession
  • No stitches to worry about
  • Quicker healing times
  • Spurs the regeneration of the bone that supports your teeth
  • Predictable reattachment of tissue

Why Would You Want Laser Gum Therapy?

Laser gum therapy treats gum disease so that you can keep your smile. With less discomfort and a faster recovery time than traditional surgery, it is no wonder people love it!

How Does Laser Gum Surgery Offer So Many Benefits?

With traditional surgery, your healthy tissue must be cut in order to gain access to the bacteria and infected tissue and then your gums are sutured. However, with laser gum disease treatment, the laser’s pinpoint accuracy eliminates the need to cut into your healthy tissue. The WaterLase® iPlus can remove bacteria and infected tissue, leaving your mouth immediately healthier with less inflammation. Contact Hollyburn Centre Periodontics & Implants in West Vancouver, BC to schedule laser gum surgery with Dr. Long to restore gum health with less discomfort and downtime.

Safe and Effective Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Lasers have been effectively used in dentistry for decades. The WaterLase® iPlus has been utilized in a range of procedures from laser gum surgery to cavity preparation. Creating little to no friction, WaterLase® iPlus has the accuracy to remove infected gum tissue or even decayed portions of teeth without harming the remaining healthy tissue. This innovative tool is powered with laser energy and water, offering a safe and effective alternative to traditional surgery.