When you need periodontal care, postponing treatment is not really an option. A common condition like gum disease can quickly worsen, leading to gum recession and tooth loss. Avoiding treatment now can result in far more extensive dental work later.

We focus on early diagnosis and intervention. By using the latest technology, such as laser dentistry or digital x-rays, we increase efficiency to better serve you.

In addition to providing top of the line dental implants and periodontal treatment, we will work with you to provide an optimal payment option and have a financial discussion.

While insurance plans help you cover the cost of some dental treatment, they only offer partial coverage. We will submit your insurance claims on your behalf, and you will be directly reimbursed by your insurance (if applicable).

For your convenience we accept:

• Cash
• Cheques
• Credit cards
• In office payment plan
• Extended plan through Paybright

Please contact us directly for any questions regarding your financial arrangement.