Enjoy an Anxiety-Free Dental Visit

Sedation Dentistry Helps You Relax in the Chair

Few people enjoy going to the dentist, but for some, a dental appointment creates a feeling of anxiety so strong, that it stops them from seeking the treatment that they need. Unfortunately, when you postpone treatment, your condition worsens, requiring more extensive and costly procedures.

Now, you can schedule your dental visit without anxiety. Dr. Christopher Long offers sedation dentistry to help you relax, even if you suffer from the following:

  • Fear of needles or dental drills
  • Overly sensitive teeth
  • Bad gag reflex
  • Extensive dental problems
  • Resistance to local anesthetic

Have Dental Anxiety?

Using sedation dentistry, you don’t have to be mentally present for the dental procedure you are dreading.

Alleviating Fear and Discomfort with Oral Sedation

Did you know that simply taking a sedative an hour before your visit can erase your anxiety? Dr. Long is an experienced oral sedation dentist who can improve the health and appearance of your smile while you rest comfortably. The medication prescribed makes you feel sleepy and combats anxiety, allowing you to receive treatment through conscious sedation.

Why IV Sedation Dentistry for Severe Anxiety?

When your fear is extreme, you may turn to IV sedation dentistry. Also referred to as sleep dentistry, IV sedation dentistry introduces sedatives directly into your bloodstream intravenously. This provides you with total relaxation while Dr. Long performs your procedure, closely monitoring your vital signs the entire time. The benefits of IV sedation dentistry include:

  • Produces a deeper level of sedation than oral sedatives
  • Leaves no memory of the procedure
  • Reduces gag reflex
  • Relieves fear

Both oral sedation dentistry and IV sedation dentistry afford you the ability to achieve a healthy smile. If you are interested in these solutions, contact Hollyburn Centre Periodontics & Implants in West Vancouver, BC for more information or to schedule your consultation.